This is a common question. Breastfeeding takes time and attention. You have two options, at night breastfeed or pump. Pumping is much quicker. We do not encourage one way or the other. That is your choice to make. What we do encourage is us taking care of the rest. We burp baby, keep baby upright for 10-15 minutes, change diaper, snuggle, settle baby back down. Once you’re done breastfeeding or pumping we take the baby and you go back to sleep. While you’re  sleeping we handle wake ups, diapers, bottle/breast pump cleaning, feedings (if offering breastmilk in a bottle),  baby laundry, tidying nursery and tending to all baby needs.


Babies come with extra needs


We never really know what your baby needs until they are born. Acid reflux, oxygen, pace feeding, colic, gas, just to name a few. Our team specializes in these extra attention needs at night. We have knowledge and tips based around all overnight needs. This ensures your baby is in great hands while we help finesse the attention your baby may need. Our certified Doula’s and Newborn Care Specialist have hands on experience for all overnight situations. Your needs matter too. Our team supports parents through this phase, answering questions, offering helpful suggestions, and encouraging you to rest and take care of your bodies needs.


Breastfeeding requires rest and calories

Most of our team comes with breastfeeding support. Breastfeeding can be challenging.  Our lactation specialist help you latch, bond, and create good breastfeeding habits. Your body needs to rest to keep up with the demands of a new baby and breastfeeding. We handle the baby, chores and support so you can heal and focus on being a parent in the day. The demands of a household are no longer what they used to be. Jobs, family, societal pressure does not stop. We encourage you to not worry about what’s next, but we understand its normal to want to clean the house, cook dinner, etc. Let us help you relax more.


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