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We provide overnight care for newborns and children, traveling nannies, and sleep training world wide.

Overnight Child Care


Our nannies are qualified professionals, and we mean qualified. Expect only the best when going through Night Owl Nanny.

Sleep Training an Infant


We provide you with a Sleep Training specialist/night nanny that will come to your home and train your infant(s)to sleep through the night.

Sleep Training a Toddler


We provide you with a Sleep Training specialist/night nanny that will come to your home and train your Toddler(s)to sleep through the night.

8-month-old baby boy laying on bed

Night Owl Nanny Care provides experienced, educated, and loving Night Nannies, Sleep Trainers and Doulas. We provide you with comfort and ease knowing your little ones are in the safe hands of a professional. We provide night care for newborns and children. Our night nannies have experience to help soothe and make your child feel comfortable and safe.We know families know what's best for their family, we are there to guide or provide advice if needed.

Sleep Training Specialist will come to your home and train your infant or toddler to sleep through the night. Our caring specialist will make the transition in your home easy and rewarding. Let us give you the gift of sleep. Not just for you, but for the whole family.

Want to train your infant or toddler yourself? No problem, we have guided specialists to help you and your family be successful.

Not located in Colorado? No worries, our specialist will train you via Skype or FaceTime. 30 days of unlimited guidance via phone, email, text, Skype or FaceTime, day or night. We are here to help and get your little ones sleeping through the night as quick as possible.

Get a good nights rest knowing your babies are in the care of Colorado's best Nanny care. Our nannies can provide care starting from the night you come home from the hospital. We will get you settled into your home and make your first couple weeks home a comforting and peaceful transition. Nannies come to your home for a minimum of 8 hours a night. We can provide a nanny from 1-7 nights a week. We do not require a contract as we know each family has different needs. All nannies go through an extensive background check, and drug screen. All nannies are required to have 2-5+ years of newborn care and or special needs care, CPR certified, and child care classes. All nannies must pass a tuberculosis screening, up to date on Tetanus Pertussis and Diphtheria immunization. Our nannies are trained on oxygen, reflux, colic, special needs and sleep training.