Package Option One:

We provide you with a Sleep Training specialist/Night Nanny that will come to your home and train your children to sleep through the night.

  • Nanny will assess the nursery, make any needed changes.
  • Go over a bedtime routine with family.
  • Educate on areas that need adjusting.
  • Nanny will provide a daytime schedule.
  • Nanny will train your baby to sleep through the night, while you sleep.
  • 12 hour minimum 1st night
  • 8 hour minimum, 2nd and 3rd night
  • 3 night minimum
  • $100 Application fee
  • Single baby: $50 – $65 hourly
  • Twin babies: $55 – $70 hourly

Package Option Two:

Sleep Training Specialist will make a one time visit to your home, assess nursery and environment. 

  • Sleep Training Specialist will provide a daytime schedule.
  • Sleep Training Specialist will go over things in the nursery that are improving sleep and stimulating alertness.
  • Sleep Training Specialist will educate the family on the process.
  • Sleep Training Specialist will evaluate bedtime routine and tweak as necessary.
  • Sleep Training Specialist will go over the sleep training process, answer any questions.
  • Sleep Training Specialist will be your guide for 30 days. Unlimited questions, texts, calls or emails day or night.
  • A one time fee of $500

Don’t want a Sleep Specialist in your home? We can walk you through the process via Skype or FaceTime – $500.

Corporate Package:

Companies that provide overnight care and sleep training for their employees will receive:

  • Two nights (8 hours each) of overnight care. Our nannies will care for your newborn(s) while you sleep.
  • Feedings
  • Diaper changes
  • Baby Laundry
  • Soothing baby
  • Cleaning and sterilizing bottles/ breast pump

Tending to anything your baby needs so you and your family can catch up on some much needed sleep.

When baby has reached 3-4 months or 10-12 pound our nannies will provide three nights (8 hours each) of sleep training and teach you, the parents how to continue on with sleep training so your baby will be sleeping through the night in a few days.

  • 30 days unlimited guidance, via text, call, email, Skype or FaceTime, day or night.
  • $1,200. Night Nanny and Sleep Training Corporate Package.

If family needs a night nanny or sleep training specialist for more than the 40 hours provided by the company, individual days can be purchased by the family.