The idea of a doula attending a woman as she
prepares to give birth is hardly a new concept. Both
written and artistic history document the presence
of women beside a mother during and after

Today, research confirms that a trained doula
provides continuous physical and emotional
support prior to, during, and following the birth of
a child. A well-trained doula offers assistance with
breathing, relaxation, movement and positioning,
and comforts the mother-to-be with touch, hot or
cold packs, beverages, warm baths and showers,
among other comforting gestures.

A certified doula is trained in non-medical skills;
they don’t diagnose medical conditions, offer
second opinions, or give medical advice. Their sole
purpose is to help the woman experience a safe
birth experience, which may be medication-free or
with reduced need for pain medication.
Research has shown that doula-supported women
– 28% less likely to have a cesarean section
– 31% less likely to use synthetic oxytocin to
speed up labor
– 9% less likely to use any pain medication
– 34% less likely to negatively rate their
childbirth experience

While the role of the father is important during the
pregnancy, it’s been shown to be unrealistic to
expect a father to be an advisor, coach, and
decision-maker for the mother-to-be throughout
pregnancy and during the birth process. Most men
have little prior knowledge of birth and/or medical
procedures. The presence of a doula reduces
pressure on the partner to fulfill these roles.
Doulas who earn and maintain certification are
equipped to offer the best services. Ideally, the
doula and the child’s father (or another loved one)
work together, complementing each other’s
strengths while preparing for birth, during the birth
process, and through the postpartum period.

Night Owl Nanny Care offers:
* Birth Doula
* Postpartum Doula
*Night Nanny, Night Nurses, Newborn Care
Specialists, and Night Doulas
* Sleep Training for Infants and Toddlers

You have the option to buy your night nanny out of
their contract if you find you need daytime care.
Our doulas are well-versed in emotional
adjustment, physical recovery, newborn
development, care and feeding, offering practical
assistance with newborn care, household tasks,
and meal preparation.
A doula, night nanny, night nurse, etc. can help
promote parent confidence and parent-infant
bonding through education, nonjudgmental
support, and companionship.
Be assured that these quality services provide
unique and positive contributions to your birth
experience and the first days of motherhood,
benefiting mothers, children, and the entire family.

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