Night Nanny Prices:

  • Single baby: $42.00- $65.00 Hourly
  • Twins­: $45.00 -$60.00 hourly
  • $100 Application fee
  • These fees include our agency fee.
  • If you are trying to stay within a certain price range, please let our customer care team know.

Sleep Training Prices:

  • Single baby/toddler: $50.00 -$77.00 hourly
  • Twin babies/toddlers: $55.00-$80.00 hourly

Birth Doula Prices:

  • 20 hours of care $1200-$3000
  • This includes 2-4 hour session prior to birth
  • 14 hours of Birth care
  • 2-4 hours of postpartum birth care
  • an additional $40 hourly if the birth goes beyond 14 hours

Doula or Newborn Care Specialist Buyout Rate:

  • $1500  Part-time contract buyout for daytime care
  • $2500 Full time buyout for daytime care

Ready to experience the gift of peaceful nights and expert care for your little one? Your journey begins here. We understand nanny pricing can be overwhelming but you can take the first step toward a well-rested, stress-free family life. Our certified night nannies and newborn care specialists are just a click away. Secure your peaceful nights with Night Owl Nanny Care today.

Options for Sleep Training:

Option 1: Parents who use a night nanny for overnight care for their newborn, night nannies will provide sleep training as the baby grows and reaches the stage of sleep training. The Night Nanny will go over things (black out curtains, naps, etc) as they come up, to educate the parents, so everyone is on the same page. Nanny will sleep train the infant and parents when that time has come ( Usually around 3-5 months). Newborn rate- single, twins, and triplets.
Option 2: Parents who are interested in a nanny coming to their home each night for sleep training only (until baby is sleeping through the night). Same rates apply as newborn rate. Usually takes anywhere from 3 days (2 weeks depending on the baby).
Option 3: The Nanny will come to the home, assess nursery (hands on and visual approach), go over training with the parents to do on their own and be a guide (phone or email) for 30 days. $500
Option 4: Face time or phone consult with family.  The Nanny will assess the nursery, go over training for parents to do on their own, and unlimited guide (phone or email) for 30 days $450

Call our office at (303)717-1841 if you have questions.

Application Fee