A common misconception is Night Nannies are 16 year olds doing a basic babysitting job. If that was the case, yes the hourly rate would be much lower. However our Night Nannies are top tier professionals that are certified Doula’s, Newborn Care Specialist, and or Nurses. The basic essentials over night are feedings, diaper changes, cleaning bottles/pump equipment, breastfeeding support, and baby laundry. However they come with SO much more. The things you don’t think about before birth, are common for your baby to come home with. For example, tongue tie, pace feeding, reflux, colic, gas, oxygen, etc. Our team is trained for the common time consuming and intricate details a newborn will need. Your first time home with a baby can be very overwhelming. The comfort of having a professional that knows the tips and tricks to make complications easier is undeniable, there is not a price tag you can put on sleep and knowledge with your ┬ánewborn home. Your Night Nanny may notice complications you would not, being a first time parent. Even though a lot of our team are nurses, their job is not to diagnose or give medical advice. However they may see something you should inquire with your doctor about. Our price tag is high, we get that. However we can assure you our team is highly qualified professionals doing more than just watching your baby. We know what parents need, we know what your baby needs. We thrive on newborn care and helping parents sleep. We are a team, we are your village.

We serve all of the US. Call 303-717-1841 or email info@nightowlnannycare.com to learn more.