Night Nanny and Night Nurses

Night Nannies/Nurses are trained, experienced and caring nannies that help you and your spouse sleep better at night. The number one cause of postpartum depression is from a lack of sleep. Our qualified nannies come to your home anywhere from 7pm-11pm, feed the newborn(s) the night feed(s) (if breastfeeding, the nanny brings baby to you), burps, change diaper(s) and gets baby back to sleep. Night Nannies/Nurses also assist with anything baby related. Changing diaper pail bag, tidying nursery, baby laundry, washing/sterilizing baby bottles and or breast pump equipment.

Most Night Nurses/ Nannies have a history either in the medical field or as a postpartum doula. If your newborn needs to be on oxygen, you have multiples or preemie(s) our night nannies/nurses are trained and experienced to assist your little one(s) through the night. As your infant grows, we start the sleep training process, anywhere from 10-12 pounds(depending on ounces fed per day and baby’s gestational age) . We will train your baby(ies) to sleep through the night when they are ready so you can continue to have a peaceful night of sleep.

A Night Nanny is the perfect gift for a mother. We provide Night Nanny Gift Certificates for baby showers in Denver and Boulder metro area. Sleep Training gift certificates are available for all US residents.

Let us help you and your family have a better night of sleep.

Night Owl Nanny Care Team