Sleep Training a toddler is fun, interesting and challenging. We have the excuses. Which we love the creativity they come up with. They also give you feedback and sass when you implement something new they don’t approve of. The saying in our industry is “You don’t negotiate with Toddlers ( originally “Terrorist”)”. When that cute upset face is giving you a story about what they need at 2:00 am, you don’t negotiate. You don’t give in. You have to be strong. The number one reason trainings don’t work is because a parent, grandparent or nanny don’t stick with the training. You’re tired and you give in. Dedicate 7 straight nights to be consistent. Plan and prepare to be tired for 7 days.



Have a bedtime routine. 7 things in your bedtime routine that are strictly for bedtime. Examples can be bath, brush teeth, pajamas, diaper, sleepy lotion, white noise, and book. Every night do the same 7 step routine. Remember to be consistent, especially in the beginning. Dinners at home and bedtime at the same time every night.  Create a nap routine of 3-4 steps. Diaper, song, white noise. Keep it simple, quick, and different from the bedtime routine.


Don’t Give In

Never sleep in their bed, give milk, or engage at night. They can sleep 12 hours solid at their age. They don’t need any calories at night. Sleeping in their room, giving them milk/ water at night, coming in to chat or hug at night is all creating new habits you will have to break in the future. Each habit will take 3-7 nights to break. Focus on not creating new habits while breaking old habits.

Helpful but didn’t do the trick? Our team of Sleep Trainers can guide you or do the work for you. Our most successful option is the in-home training. 3-10 nights with support, daily check ins, and reports. Let us do the hard work while you catch up on some sleep. Call us 303-717-1841 or email to learn more.