To start I was exhausted. My days and nights were blending together. My joy for finally having the child I always wanted was slowly being taken over by the amount of chores I felt I had to up keep, the social norm to lose the baby weight, the image of “parenting is easy and natural”. I had a short fuse with my spouse. Even though they were trying and working days, I resented the fact they could go have a normal day. Why was the hardships of having a newborn not talked about. I constantly felt overwhelmed, grouchy, and a bit sad. I loved my miracle baby and was so happy, yet so drained mentally and physically. The emotions and image behind being The Mom that could do it all only lasted for so long. I needed my Village, my family, a friend that understood.

My spouse started to notice the change. I couldn’t sleep when I wanted because I was constantly worried about the amount of soiled burp rags, dirty bottles, and unswept floors that were piling up.  Although I didn’t  have the energy to take care of any of the needed chores, I couldn’t sleep well thinking about it. Constant visitors, the need to have a clean house, host when people arrived. I was drowning. I wasn’t  communicating to my spouse.

I was slowly falling into a rut, zombie mode I like to call it. Barely surviving, but definitely not thriving. My love was worried. Nothing try family offered helped enough for me to “snap out of it”. They googled for help. An article from Night Owl Nanny Care popped up,  A Night Nanny. He didn’t understand. Everyone sleeps at night, why would this be a thing. He read the article because it started with “How to help a Mom after birth”. He knew it was exactly what I needed. My normal Saturday sleep in days were long gone. I was falling into what we now know as Postpartum Depression. My husband called just to see if it was something that would help be be happier. Night Owl explained that the number one cause of PPD, is a lack of sleep. He spoke with my Mom, my sister, and they all agreed something needed to change. They were unavailable to fly out and help. 

The pricing was yes a bit out of our normal spending habits. Grandma offered to pitch in, and HSA covered the rest. The first night with our sweet Night Nanny consisted of me watching the baby monitor. What I was looking for, I’m not sure. Neglect, poor management of MY baby that only knew of me at night, maybe a fault so I could point out it wasn’t working to have a Night Nanny.

To my amazement, I wasted a night awake. I wasted money paying a Night Nanny to care for my precious little one, and then I observed at every noise made. She greeted me the next morning with a fresh pot of coffee. Had a report of what Jack ate, soiled and did through out the night. She was chipper, sweet and reassuring. He slept better for her than he ever slept for me. She suggested a few tricks to help him sleep better in the day, and things we should consider moving forward.

The next time she arrived, 3 nights later. I was ready. I trusted her, mainly because I watched her all night, but also because her tips helped tremendously. So this night I took a hot bath, I drank a glass of wine, I had white noise lightly playing in the background while me and my spouse slept. 11 hours later I woke up. Naturally. My husband woke with the Night Nanny at 8 am to relive her and I continued to sleep in. I was a changed woman. Let me tell you, things changed that day. I enjoyed seeing my babies smiling face after a nap. I wasn’t dreading the fact he was awake again. I did laundry. I changed my bed sheets. I made dinner, and went on a walk. When I tell you good nights rest changed me that day, that is an understatement. I knew my sadness, lack of energy, confusion was purely based on me not getting enough sleep.

We had a Night Nanny 3-5 times a week until Jack slept through the night. I was prepared and learning so much from our Night Nannies. They prepped him for “Sleep Success”. He naturally slept through the night at at 3.5 months. No cry it out method, no training.  Just “My Girls” (I liked to call them) teaching Jack good sleeping habits to help him be a good sleeper when it was time.

I can tell you Night Owl Nanny Care saved me from depression, but also saved my marriage. I needed help. They knew that, my husband knew that. Everyone they sent was amazing. Genuine, experienced, amazing woman. They saved me. Firstly, if you’re struggling,  get rest or a Night Nanny.  Secondly if you want a trusted company that is prompt, thorough and really tries to help ease the process during an already stressful time, Night Owl Nanny Care is “your Girl”.

To learn more about a Night Owl Nanny Care, email or call 303-717-1841. We serve all of the US. Our Main hubs are Colorado, Hawaii, Virginia, and Florida.