Sleep Training can be many things. It depends on who you ask. What does it mean at Night Owl? It means we cater a sleep training plan to your families needs. Thats 10-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep for your infant or toddler. It can be very gentle. It is not a “cry it out” method. The plan you and your Sleep Trainer come up with is for you and your babies needs. Every Sleep Training is different. There is no “one size fits all”. We know each home, child and parent have different needs.



How Long Does It Take?

It depends on the approach you choose to take. It also depends on where you are at with your Childs training when we come into your home.  The average home training takes about 3-5 nights. However, a very gentle approaches can take up to 14 nights. We encourage you to listen to your own needs and your babies while choosing your method. Co-sleeping, Snoo, breastfeeding on demand can all take a couple extra nights to break the habit. Be realistic with your infant or toddlers success. We feel every situation is different, and we treat your infant or toddler as a unique training. 


What Do I Need To Do?

Trust the process. The number one reason Sleep Trainings don’t work is because someone (grandma, Daycare, Mom, Dad, Nanny, etc) is not following the training. Prepare your self for a couple rougher nights, and days. Usually by night 3 things have started to click for your child. Dedicate a month of consistency for your home. Make sure everyone is on board with your plan. You are investing time and money into your child and family sleeping. Make sure you have everyones support that will be interacting with your child during he training. Lastly, enjoy your rest.



What Does My Sleep Trainer Need?

Your Sleep Trainer is allowed to rest while your baby is resting. Please provide a private space for them to hang out in while they are in your home during the training.  A Spare bedroom, couch, blow up mattress, etc. is all acceptable. Open communication is key in any relationship. Your Sleep Trainer will educate you on the process but wants to make sure you are comfortable as well. Every morning you will have a discussion and plan in place to conquer the day.


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