We love the support a doula offers overnight. Big deep breath. They do everything baby and mom related. They are the extra hands you want when your exhaustion kicks in. They tend to the baby, baby related chores, support for mom, and let you sleep. There are many dynamics how a postpartum doula can help you overnight. Whether you’re breast-feeding or bottle feeding, they have the tips to help get you the most rest, while they cuddle and favor your newborn. Our team is allowed to rest when baby sleeps, and chores are completed. Please make sure you provide a spare room, or space for them to relax. 



Baby related chores

You know when you’re tired, the diaper leaked through your last clean sleep sack and you’re about to start crying? You wish someone would come in, care for the upset baby, clean up the soaked sleep sack, and wash it for you….then put it back on your baby while you go back to sleep. Thats what your Night Nanny does. They will do baby laundry, so the sleep sacks stay clean, and you have backups. They stock the baby room with diapers, take out the diaper pale, change the sheets when spit up has dirtied them, clean the bottles and pump equipment. Some team members will even start the coffee for you in the morning. 


Their goal…

Is to get you rest. Its rewarding when a parent wakes up after 8-12 hours of sleep. The baby has been fed, diaper changed, the laundry is done, the bottles are clean and ready for the day. Your latte is prepared,  you are rested, and in a good mood. These career Night Nannies know how to care for your baby, but they also know what you need. It takes a village…let a Night owl Nanny be your village.  Most of our team offers breast-feeding support and sleep training guidance if desired. Whatever your overnight needs may be, We Night Owl Nanny Care have you covered.



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