Parenting can be a roller coaster ride of new beginnings and lots of questions, especially when you need support. Maybe you’ve considered night nannies, but you’re not clear on what they do. Below, we’ve answered the most common questions parents ask.

1. What are night nannies? 

At Night Owl Nanny Care, our certified night nannies are doulas and newborn care specialists (NBCS) trained in baby sleep methodologies and newborn and toddler support. 

2. What do night nannies do all night?

Night nannies - nanny bottle feeding a newborn

Night nannies are the extra pair of hands you need overnight so you can get some sleep. Here’s a list of some of the ways they can help:

  • Feed, burp, and snuggle your baby back to sleep. 
  • Tend to your baby’s cries, change diapers, and even empty dirty diaper pales. 
  • Rock, swaddle, and sleep train your baby
  • Baby laundry, cleaning and sterilizing bottles/pump equipment, and tidying the nursery. 
  • Restock the nursery and changing station. 
  • Get water, tea, or a snack while you breastfeed or pump. 

A night nanny will do anything baby and mommy-related. If you have a special request, just talk to your doula or newborn care specialist about your overnight needs.

3. Do night nannies sleep overnight?

Night nannies - nanny putting baby to sleep

Night nannies sleep when your baby sleeps. If your baby is taken care of, and chores are complete, the night nanny will rest while your baby rests. 

4. What age ranges do night nannies support?

Our night nannies can support babies as small as newborns. We offer sleep training services when little ones are between 3 months and toddlers. 

5. How much do night nannies cost?

Pricing varies because night nannies and sleep trainers set their own rates. Our vetted, qualified, and experienced team starts at $40-$50 hourly for singles and $45-$67 for twins. Services require an 8-hour minimum requirement.

6. Is investing in a night nanny worth it? 

The answer depends on your priorities. While having a newborn can come with lots of warm and fuzzies, there are a number of not-so-endearing realities, like sleep deprivation, that can turn your world upside down. Hiring a professional night nanny can take some of the pressure off of you at night so you can be refreshed and ready for your little one in the morning. 

In our articles here and here, we looked deeper into the benefits of hiring nighttime support. The most succinct answer to whether night nannies are worth the investment is yes. When the end result is a well-rested parent and sleeping baby, taking the extra steps to make it happen is worth it. 

7. How do I know if my family needs a night nanny?

Every family is different, and only you will know if your family and lifestyle would benefit from the extra support. Some reasons for hiring a night nanny include:

  • You live a busy lifestyle and need the extra help so your baby receives the attention it needs. 
  •  You’re tired and need someone to step in so you get some rest.  
  •  You need help with sleep training your baby.
  •  You have multiples (twins, triplets, or small children close in age) and need an extra pair of hands. 

If you are ready to get help, we have night nannies available. Just give us a call!

We have a great team of doulas and newborn care specialists. Everyone is a sleep trainer with years of experience.

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