It saddens and disrupts our day when we see an abused child, or a child struggling to learn or function with sensory issues, or a child that committed suicide because they were bullied. Our passion to keep these innocent lives happy and fulfilled has just begun. 

Yes, we strive and excel in providing excellent, educated and caring nannies for children with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, sensory issues, behavioral and mental issues.  Providing exclusive care for newborns, easing parents into their new life with a newborn(s) and being that right hand you need when your life completely changes.  Our overnight nannies for children help you get away for business, work the night shift, or get away with your significant other. Helping ease parents minds and racing hearts when they aren’t home with their child or newborn. We instill confidence and comfort when you walk out the door.

But we are much more than just a nanny service. We are on a mission to help unwanted babies and children survive and have a chance at life. Not in and out of homes, but adoptions and a center for parents to go when they are feeling helpless and unable to care for their child. We want to be that service for parents to go to for help, guidance and a way out if they are thinking of harming of their child. We will provide fundraisers, volunteer workshops, education to parents, and a resource to all parents for any questions we can help answer. From helping you pick the best formula to how to discipline a toddler. We are and will be more than your average nanny agency. We are your friend, your confidant, your guidance, your family!