Basics, your body and mind will be exhausted. Your body is going through hormonal changes, healing and so much more. Rule number one for yourself, Rest. In Columbia a postpartum woman is assigned two caregivers after birth for 1-6 months. They care for the mom and baby,  housework, cook, etc. Their main goal is to have mom rest and enjoy their time with the baby. Napping, resting, snuggling is all that’s required of mom. This culture knows a postpartum Mom needs rest. Why are Americans in such a rush? The pressure to have a clean house, shower and look your best for guest visiting after birth is just silly. We rush to get back to our original weight, back to work, back to routine. We need to slow down. Enjoy the days with your newborn. The days fly by, you barely have time to get out of your pajamas.


How our agency helps…

Our team is the Columbia family you need. Doula’s, Newborn Care Specialist and Nurse’s that will help you days or nights, to ensure you’re taken care of. Let us do the light housework, baby laundry, cleaning bottles/pump equipment, caring for baby, feedings, diaper changes, sheet changes, settling and so much more. Breastfeeding or formula feeding, we have ways to ensure you’re getting the most sleep at night. In order to properly heal and bond with your baby you need rest.

They will set your baby up for Sleep Success. So your baby naturally starts sleeping through the night when they are ready. These trained professionals make postpartum enjoyable. 



Start the interview process:

Fill out the parent application, pay the $100 application fee, and we will send you resumes of available team members to interview with. Start today! We know what you need after birth, let us help you make life a little easier.


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