We provide it all. Our certified birth doulas come with years of experience. Have support, options and caring hands during your birth. Do you know your birth plan and options? Our team members while guide you through your options, process and birth. Don’t expect things to always go as planned. Birth is unpredictable. Your Birth doula will remind you during the struggles what you would prefer if a complication/ change of plan arises. 


Your birth doula can become your Night Nanny and Daytime Postpartum Doula. Providing you with in home support, day or night. Breastfeeding support, washing bottles/pump equipment, baby laundry, changing baby sheets, tending to baby and postpartum mom. Exhaustion sets in almost immediately. They will help you rest more. Tending to baby and chores while you recover and heal.


Sleep Trainers finish up the remaining couple of weeks. They will assist in getting your infant to sleeping 10-12 hours. We have gentle approaches that help your infant feel supported during the training. Your Night Nanny will likely have set your baby up for “Sleep Success” so the transition is smooth. With a few adjustments your baby should be sleeping through the night at 3-4 months of age, weighing 10 plus pounds and eating at least 30 oz in the daytime. Let us be your village. With loving hands we guide you through the whole process.

Night Owl Nanny Care

Our team is booked months in advance. Its important to book now!