How does one ensure quality sleep after a newborn arrives. For some its taking shifts with your spouse. That can look like one parent feeding, changing and burping the first 6 hours of the night, and then the other parent takes over the next 6 hours. Some parents switch nights. One spouse has the baby the whole night, and then they switch. Is this quality sleep? Not likely. Your body needs to get a full nights rest consistently to heal and function properly. Our team take the whole shift 3-7 nights a week. For parents that love their sleep, for parents that cant think straight in the day time from exhaustion, this is for you. The lack of sleep that comes with a newborn isnt always openly discussed. The toll exhaustion takes on your body effects almost every part of your body and brain. It is not humanly possible to stay up most the night and most the day and function for long periods of time.


Our team instills good sleep habits and patterns for your baby to be a better sleeper. This is not to be confused with sleep Training. We make the nursery atmosphere ideal for newborns to sleep their best. Dark room, set at 68-72 degrees, swaddled, burped, and sleeping peacefully are a few things our team offers in their expertise. They are happy to educate parents on safe sleep habits to start young to ensure good sleepers for the future. Our team comes in with all the newborn knoweldge a family needs in their new journey, and in addition they all have sleep training eduaction as well. This does not mean they ” Sleep Train” your newborn. They set up “Sleep Success” for your baby to naturally start sleeping through the night when ready.


Pending on when your baby was born, weight, eating habits, etc. Your baby starts to sleep through the night around 3-6 months of age. They should be weighing at least 10 pounds and eating 25 ounces in the daytime. When your baby is meeting these markers and still having 1-2 wake ups a night, our team can assess what may be keeping them up. They have very gentle methods of starting the process of getting them to sleep 10-12 hours a night. Our team is rated Colorado and Hawaii’s best in overnight care and Sleep Training. Let us help your family sleep through the night.

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