Pee Party in your pants

the o-shot

Sometimes as Mommies the big laughter or not so big jump causes us to pee our pants a little bit. Incontinence is very common after child birth. Not a lot of women talk about it. Most Moms usually just deal with it as a part of motherhood. Well guess what? Did you know they have a solution for incontinence? Not only does it help with incontinence,but it helps tighten the vaginal wall, and improve your orgasm. 

The O-Shot

The o-shot

What is The O-Shot? Its the new rave for not just Moms but women all over. They numb you up, down below. Draw your blood, centrifuge your blood and take the “Liquid Gold” (which is Platelet Rich Plasma) out and inject it into your vaginal wall. This is your body using its own plasma to tighten and improve the signs of aging and childbirth. 

Affordable through Krave

Whats the price of this terrific procedure? Most places will charge you $1500. Yes, its a bit pricey. Krave Med wants to help all you Mommies out and not break the bank. They are offering a Sale price of $888 and if you mention Night Owl Nanny Care sent you, they will give you a free follow up injection 12 months down the road. This procedure last in most women for about a year. So mention Night Owl Nanny Care sent you and get two years of tightened, pee-free, and rejuvenated mommy parts. 

Krave Med has 3 locations:


Cherry Creek



Don’t forget to mention Night Owl to get that free follow up injection.