The first few months after having a newborn can be very tasking for the mother, especially if she has other children to take care of. Or if you’re a new mom traveling to the island to vacation, we want to help you enjoy the island while resting and taking care of yourself.

This is harder at night because newborns do not seem to understand the concept of time, hence the staying awake during the night and sleeping during the day. This where a Night Owl nanny comes into help. A night nanny has the task of taking up the night duties of your newborn while you catch much-needed sleep

When you have other activities to carry on with during the day, you cannot afford to miss a second of snoozing. If you do not have a night nanny, you will be losing more than a second of that night snoozing because your newborn will keep you awake. Its not always for food, or dirty diapers. Sometimes your newborn just needs some comfort or snuggles.

Night Owl Hawaii offers doulas and newborn care specialists, with all the knowledge and information about taking care of a newborn. You have absolutely nothing to worry about when getting the services of the doula on the island. 

What are the duties of a night nanny in Oahu? 

Night Owl Nanny Hawaii  will perform all the duties of a mom to a newborn, (except breastfeeding) can be handled by the newborn care specialist. From diaper changing, feedings, to baby laundry. Think of anything you need to be done for your newborn, and they can handle it. They are experienced and trained to act as a substitute mother when you are resting.

If your baby is craving personal contact while you are sleeping , they can give snuggles and rock your baby to keep them calm while you catch up on much needed rest.

With all the stress that comes during the day, and your healing body, a good night’s sleep cannot be, and should not be negotiated. And to help you get this sleep you need to get the services of  Night Owl Nanny Hawaii for your newborn. 

When a newborn arrives, it is easy for the mother to forget that she is human too. They usually go into a full superhuman mode which usually involves staying awake at night when the baby wakes up and starts crying, and then carrying on through the day like she was not awake for the better part of the night taking care of the baby.

If this continues for a while, a breakdown is inevitable, because the mother is forgetting that she just went through what many would term a miracle- bringing a human to the world, and she needs to heal. Mentally, physically and otherwise, she needs to heal. This healing will not happen if she is depriving her body of sleep.

Our services spread through out Hawaii, our main hub is located on Oahu. We can fly Night Nannies to other islands if you are comfortable with the Night Nanny staying with your family. We provide trained and professional newborn care specialists, our night nannies are trained to administer care to your baby and yourself if needed. The island of Oahu, has amazing Ohana feels, we offer the Ohana night nanny service.

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