Denver Night Nurse for Newborns

We have a team of fabulous woman that are the top leading Night Nurse’s in Denver. We care for not just your baby over night, but Momma assistance as well. Night Owl Nanny Care brings you the most trusted and high quality team in Denver. We won’t let you down.

Only open for 4 short years, we have become the top Night Nurse for Newborn Agency for many elite clients. We bring you quality, trust, reliability and calmness for you to rest at night. Our Doula’s and Newborn Care Specialist are hand picked, vetted, drug screened, FBI background check, and an in depth reference check. Night Owl only hires the best.

How a Night Nurse in Denver can help you

A Night Nurse for you Newborn has many helpful benefits. They will come to your home anywhere between 7pm-10pm. Your Night Nurse will stay for 8-12 hours a night. They will feed baby, change diapers, burp, snuggles, gas drops, acid reflux medicine, and make sure your baby is comfortable and sleeping.

Your Newborn Care Specialist and or Doula will help mom ease into mommy hood. After birth emotions run high and baby needs are at the top of your list.Mom needs are just as important. Your Night Nurse will help you with breastfeeding, cleaning breast pump equipment/bottles, baby laundry, tidy nursery, and support mom in any way needed. Sleep is a must for a new mom. It helps the daytime shift go much smoother.

Sleep Training is included with your Night Nurse package

Your Night Nurse will set your newborn up for Sleep Success from the beginning. They will guide you through what helps your newborn sleep better and guide your baby to sleep longer stretches.  These experts come with lots of knowledge and make the transition sleeping through the night go smoothly.

Your Night Nurse will recommend blackout curtains, loud white noise (static), and no light stimulating infant in the room. This transition will be less of a sleep training and more of a set up for sleep success.

How to schedule a Night Nurse in your home

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