All of our team are  certified Doula’s, Newborn Care Specialist, and Registered Nurses. They are independent contractors. These hard working Night Nannies and Sleep Trainers make their own rate. Our team is qualified, vetted, and experienced. Our team starts at $35-$50 hourly pending the service your family needs. We have an 8 hour minimum per night. We may be slightly on the higher end compared to some other agencies. We pay our team their requested rate, but also what they deserve. Legally contractors make the rate they desire in the industry. There are many great agencies local that are similar priced and or cheaper. Find the best fit for your family. Islands, and big cities will always  be a tad bit pricier compared to small towns or lower demand locations. 


What’s most important to your family

Many factors come into play when deciding on the Night Nanny of your choice. Personality meshing with your families personality is important. Your Night Nanny will be in your home at night during a vulnerable time. You need to trust a person in your home while you sleep and care for your newborn. That’s why choosing a good fit is so important. Someone who can laugh with you and also be the respectful and caring caregiver you need. Experience is another factor. Do you require X years of newborn experience? Certain certification requirements. Are you looking for a certified Doula or a nanny that has 5 years of nanny experience. Do you want our Night Nanny to have Sleep Training experience? With Sleep Training knowledge they can set your newborn up for Sleep Success. Creating good sleep habits from the start. Naturally allowing your baby to start sleeping through the night when it’s time.


Scheduling in advance

Night Nannies are no longer just for celebrities. They are well known in most states. With multiple pricing tiers, and experience, everyone now has access to one. The demand in Colorado and Hawaii is high. Our team is booked out usually 9 moths in advance per family. The sooner you start the process, the sooner you can secure a good fit for your family. You can then relax and enjoy your pregnancy, prepare the nursery, focus on your baby shower and nesting. Let us know how we can better assist your family and vetting process