The famous Milena Ciciotti Vlogged about her experience with Night Owl Nanny Care. She set the stage for how the process worked, briefly what the Sleep Trainer went over, and the success. Our lovely team member Leslie has always been a big hit, however she is being requested all through out the United States now. She originally started with our team in Hawaii. She has since moved back to Detroit once COVID hit. She is now serving Michigan and all other states for Sleep training. Everyone one on our team is amazing. If Leslie is booked, we have plenty  of other trainers available to help your family sleep through the night. 



How does the process work if I am located outside your main hubs?

We require the parent application filled out and the $100 application fee paid. You will then be prompted to sign the contract. We will then send you resumes of available Sleep trainers. You can interview or choose the soonest available. We will pay for the flight, you will need to provide transportation to and from the airport. Your Sleep Trainer will be staying with you, a guest house or you can provide a hotel or airbnb. We have a 3 night minimum. 12 hour minimum first night, 8 hour minimum all other nights. You can utilize the Sleep Trainer for more nights if needed. Most families need 3-7 nights.


Check out the Vlog

Check out Milena Ciciotti Vlog about using our services. Thanks Milena for the kind words.

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