A cute asian baby being swaddled

Sleep Training is not for everyone. There is a lot of mixed controversy on the subject. We do not push sleep training on any clients. If you’re not interested in Sleep Training, we have an amazing team of Night Nannies that will help you get more sleep while tending to your babies overnight needs. 

Our Sleep Trainers sit down with each family and discuss what their needs are, what they hope for, and what they do/do not want to do during the training. This is specialized to you and your baby. We have a no cry method, it tends to take a bit longer but it works and helps parents that would prefer to not have any fussing. We have families that are ok with 1-3 minutes of fussing, 3-7 minutes, its all individual based training. We do not use a cry it out method. Your baby is supported and monitored through the whole process. We gauge their cries and intervene earlier than 1-3 minutes if we can tell they need more support at that time.


What to expect if I choose to do the training

Your trainer will go over the training, and adjust accordingly. That week and the following week its important to stick to the routine, training and process. Everyone has to stick to the process. Daycare, nanny, grandparents, both parents, any one that is apart of your babies weekly routine will need to be on board. This is a group effort. It takes 1-2 weeks of routine to make the training stick. Ideally you carry on with the trained routine, but it can be a bit more relaxed. If you have a late diner with friends, or need to have your baby nap in the car, that can happen after the 2 weeks. Be prepared mentally and physically for 2 weeks to be at home following the training.



What happens after the Sleep Trainer leaves

Your trainer will give you the tools to be successful if your baby wakes up a few days after they leave. You’ll know what to do. They will support you and answer any questions that may arise after the training. The key rule is stick to the process and training. Once you fall back on old habits, it’s easy to ruin the whole training we accomplished. A lot of times we have to start over if parents fall back on an old habit just for one night. If you teach your baby this is our new routine, and then 4 days later offer a bottle because you don’t want to deal with offering a pacifier 2 times, you’re teaching your child we have no consistency. Babies love routine and they enjoy knowing whats next. 


Interested in learning more? We have an amazing team of Sleep Trainers that support all of the US. If we don’t have a trainer located in your area, flying someone out to your home/hotel is always an option. 

Learn more today by emailing info@nightowlnannycare.com or call 303-717-1841