Whether you have a newborn or an infant, sleep is important for you and them. It’s important to create good sleep habits early on so you don’t have to Sleep Train your infant or toddler. This is not advising against waking newborns for feeds or a  sleep training method. These are simple tips to help create habits so your baby will naturally start sleeping longer stretches on their own. 


Dark Room

Anytime your baby wakes in the night, they get fixated on any light looming through. Usually we think a room is quite dark until we look at all the stimulants a baby can fixate on. If a groggy baby wakes in the middle of the night and sees a camera light, humidifier light, fire alarm light, they will be stimulated. It gives them something to look at, something to wonder and think about. To create the perfect dark room, we need blackout curtains, cover all little lights with electrical tape, covering bottom of door if hall or sunshine shines through (you can use a rolled towel, or amazon has items specifically to block out wind and light).


White Noise

White noise blocks out the other noise in the house, but it also creates a sleepy cue for your baby. The static white noise is our favorite and most effective. Music, lullabies, nature noises don’t mimic the sound of the womb like the static white noise does. These devices are not regulated. If played too loud, they can cause hearing loss. Download a Decibel reader app. You should keep it between 60-65 to improve your babies sleep. Make sure to google or confirm with your pediatrician what the safe noise level for your baby is. Studies and information are forever changing, is important for you to do your own research as well. It should be slightly louder than a dishwasher for it to help your babies sleep.


Swaddle if allowed…if not…

We consistently hear, “my baby doesn’t like being swaddled”. This is a common misconception and can be easily fixed. Swaddle needs to be tight enough to keep the baby feeling secure, and tight enough to prevent them from having their feet or hands escaping. This can be a tricky balance for you to figure out in the beginning. Ask your pediatrician, Night Nurse, or watch YouTube videos for you to understand the correct swaddle technique. You want the hips to be a little looser. Once they are tightly swaddled, rock, sway, bounce, offer pacifier, distract them from the transition. It will get easier with practice. If your baby is consistently rolling from back to tummy, it’s time to transition out of the swaddle. You can swaddle one arm out to start. If your baby is in the Merlin Magic Suit, you want to transition to either double pajamas no sleep sac, or a sleep sac that will wrap around their tummy. 



Your Baby thrives on routines and consistency. Start a bedtime routine early on when they are newborns. Be consistent with your routine. You are giving your baby sleepy cues, but also letting them know what to expect. They want to know the difference between a nap and a 10-12 hour stretch. Routine will keep your sleep habits healthy,  and your baby on track for sleeping through the night naturally around 3-5 months.

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