A struggling mom with 3 kids and 2 not sleeping through the night. She was desperate for some sleep. She was offered a Night Nanny by her family, but knew she wold have to wake with one kid still. She googled what to do and stumbled upon our page. To her amazement she didn’t know there was service that teaches parents and baby how to sleep through the night. She called to confirm she was understanding the concept correctly. She was skeptical of the results due to her already trying every method she could research. Reluctantly she booked a trainer for 5 nights.


The Process

The Sleep Trainer arrived to her home an hour before bedtime. She went over the process, adjusted the training to that families needs, and they were off to observe the bedtime routine. The trainer observed in the corner the families process and adjusted as they wrapped up the bedtime routine. The trainer analyzed the nursery and made adjustments to windows, lighting, sounds, cameras, and babies placement. The baby went down somewhat easy, to the families surprise. The family headed to bed and the trainer took over. The family was welcome to observe the night but were exhausted and trusted the trainer to do her job.



During the night

The trainer observes your baby on a camera and gets to know your babies cries, movements, and needs. The first night is purely an observation period and tending for them to understand your baby specifically. The trainer does rest while your infant/toddler rest, so a couch or spare room is required. In the morning you will wake with a report on how your child did, what you need to adjust or purchase to make it a smooth training. 


Remainder of the training

From the first night on your Sleep Trainer will  arrive for 8-12 hours a night and work on teaching your child how to sleep through the night. Each morning you will have a report and things to work on through out the day. Each night will continue to get better. Most Sleep Trainings take 3-5 nights pending the situation in the home. Some trainings can take up to two weeks. A lot goes into sleep training.  Both parents, nanny, daycare, grandparents need to be on board and willing to put in the work when the child is in their care. The process only works if everyone is consistent.


Our Team

Our team are certified Doula’s, Nurses, and Newborn Care Specialist. Your child will be in great hands. We hire only the best! We have confidence in our teams caring expertise to get you the rest you need. To learn more about a sleep trainer in your area, please call or email us to get started. We serve all states including Hawaii.