In simple terms, reflux is your babies stomach contents coming back up into your babies esophagus. Causing discomfort and pain. Reflux can be frustrating and a bit exhausting. Reflux severity varies from one baby to the next.

Main tips to help with reflux include:

-Keeping baby elevated while feeding, burp baby after feeding, immediately shifting from elevated feed, to upright burping. 

-Keep baby upright for 10-15 minutes after feed. Be sure to keep an eye on baby so you can attend and monitor to any spit up. Boppy, elevated baby chair are great source to keep baby while the food settles down.

-Paced bottle feeding. The slower pace feeding can reduce gas and reflux. YouTube has a a lot of great videos to help you master this feed.


Helping the reflux long after the feed

If your baby suffers from reflux 40 minutes plus after a feeding, the following tips can help:

-If baby is in a bassinet you can place books under the top of the bassinet legs. This will keep baby elevated and comfortable until the next feed. Some newer model snoop’ or bassinets have adjustable legs.

-If baby is in the crib, you can roll a towel or small blanket and place under the mattress to elevate their body during sleep.

-If baby is active with squirming, kicking, etc, roll a full size towel, pull back the baby sheets, place towel in a “U” shape at the top of elevated mattress. Make sure to fold down the corners that would be near babies face. Return sheet over, the “U” shaped towel. Make sure mattress sheet is firmly over the mattress and secure. This will keep your baby at the top of the mattress, regardless of the shifting at night. If your baby is rolling, and or crawling, this is not an option for your child.

How Can a Night Nanny help with reflux

Our team is required to have a Newborn Care Specialist or Doula training under their belt. These team members have all the amazing tips and tricks they’ve learned in trainings and through experience. Most importantly, they will tend to your baby and settle them until they are sleeping.  As I am sure you have experienced night feedings and reflux can take a lot of energy and time to get your baby back to sleep, and then it seems like its time to feed again. Your Night Nanny will take care of the feedings, the snuggles, diapers, and clean up. You need rest just as much as your baby and spouse need rest. Take care of the family as a whole.

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