We have an amazing team of Doulas, Newborn Care Specialist and Registered Nurses for all of your overnight needs. Our team was once thriving on Hawaii, however when the pandemic hit, jobs and housing was lost for a lot of people on the island. We have since rebuilt our team, however it is a bit on the smaller side. It is crucial to start the process early to ensure you will have coverage and support when your baby arrives. We always have the option to fly a Colorado or US  team member out to Hawaii, but room and or housing is required. Most Night Nannies will require a car as well.



Covid vaccinated team members

Our team and Hawaii take covid restrictions very seriously. Not all of our team is covid vaccinated. They are willing to wear a mask, get tested, and make you feel at ease to prevent spread. Please keep in mind the island and our team is small. If we do not have a vaccinated Night Nanny for your family on the island, we do our best to fly someone out. If you require a vaccinated Night Nanny, in order to lock a team member on island in, you have to start the process early.  These woman are booking out 9 months in advance.


Best of the Best

Regardless if your Night Nanny is local to the island or coming from another  state, you and your family will be in the best hands. We take this career choice very seriously. We have some of the worlds best Doula’s, Newborn Care Specialist and Registered Nurses on our team. We strive to be transparent, educated, kind, caring and professional. We work with your family to find the perfect fit for your overnight or daytime needs. We offer Night Nannies, Daytime Doulas, Birth Doulas, and Sleep Trainers all through out the United States. Choose Night Owl Nanny Care and feel at ease with the next chapter of your life.



Night Owl Nanny Care