These tips are for Newborn’s  mostly…

Recreate the home environment. Most common mistake we see while flying is parents bouncing a newborn with no blanket or a blanket draped over them. It’s important to swaddle on the plane as well, especially if we want them to have a cozy sleep. Try swaddling on your lap, or stand up and swaddle baby on your seat. Be sure to bathe baby, and clean swaddle when you get to your destination. Airplanes and travel are full of germs.

Trying adding white noise on your phone. Put it on a loop. Place it near baby on a low setting. Not loud enough to disrupt your neighbor.

Ears during take off and landing feel pressure. Offer a bottle at these times to help babies ears decompress the pressure. If they refuse a bottle, offer a pacifier.


Watch the how to calm a crying baby video by Dr. Hamilton. This technique works best for babies sunder 3 months old.

  • Fold and cross the baby arms across their chest and gently secure them with your arms.
  • Pull baby’s bottom down with your dominant hand
  • Gently hold baby at a 45 degree angle to maintain control in case baby rocks its head back.
  • Gently rock baby up and down or circle clockwise or counterclockwise. 


Dr. Hamilton’s video

Try to stay calm, your baby feeds off your energy. Spray lavender on your chest. 

Do you have tips on the plane that have helped you? Add them below.