Birth Doula

Our amazing team of Birth Doulas create a specialized package that fits your families needs. They will support prior to birth with a couple of visits, most importantly during birth and a postpartum visit or two. These woman are specialized in supporting you and helping you be aware of all of your options. Birth plans are great, but it can be unpredictable when its time for baby to arrive. These woman are trained for all outcomes during birth and can help you feel supported, knowledgeable, and comfortable with your decisions you will make during the birthing process.



Night Nanny

Our vetted, trained, and educated team know the drill at night. These woman are Doula’s, Newborn Care Specialist and or Nurses. Our main goal at night is to help parents get the most rest possible. We tend to your little one while you rest. If you are breastfeeding, our team will bring the baby in to you, or grab your pumped milk once you are done. They will clean your pump equipment, take care of the pumped milk, and have the pump equipment ready for your next waking. This loving team will feed baby, change diapers, settle your baby back down, snuggles, baby laundry, tidy nursery, and give you peace of mind at night. You will wake up rested and ready to conquer your day.

Sleep Training

We have many options for your Sleep Training needs. Our most common option, a Sleep Trainer will come to your home an hour before bedtime, educate you on the options and process. They will specialize a training specific to your infants or toddlers needs. They will assess the nursery, watch bedtime routine, and adjust accordingly. Pending the training you choose, we see success in usually 3-7 nights. Your little one will feel supported, comfortable, and happy to be sleeping a 10-12 hour stretch.

To book any of these options please call or email our customer service team.