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We are excited to announce we have teamed up with an exciting and reputable company that takes mommy care to the next level. Baby+Co is a beautiful birthing center located in Wheat ridge, Colorado and through out the US.
This unique birthing center is an educated, and customized way to make a birth plan for your family specifically. Certified nurse midwives will guide you through your prenatal, labor and postpartum journey. Baby+Co accepts insurance plans just like a hospital.

The staff is friendly and fun, putting you at ease knowing you’re in the comfort of a friend. Baby+Co. have classes, and wellness support with other moms. You become a community, a team, a friend. Have questions or concerns? Join a tour, done weekly. The smiling faces at Baby+Co will help you understand their process and answer the unknown. This holistic approach is not for everyone, but we encourage you to find out if it could be for you.

Baby+Co. a boutique birthing center.


Night Owl Nanny Care

Night Nannies and Night Nurses for your newborn(s).


Sassy Mom Fitness

Fitness for Mommies


This fun and sassy mom knows what its like after you’ve had a baby and you’re left with the baby weight. She has developed a system that works. A lifestyle a busy mom can keep up with. This intelligent momma gets you into shape and educates you further to keep your family healthy and thriving. It isn’t just about fitness, its much more than that. Its about you, your mind, life and family.

This online help keeps you motivated, accountable, and excited for the healthy life ahead of you. Love sweets? Don’t worry, she does too. She educates on the importance of balance, fun, and well.. working around the mommy life that can be tough.
Sassy Mom Fitness an online fitness studio; for women.
Helping women (Mommies) rejuvenate their mind, body and life.

Toddler Sleep Training Tips

Toddler Sleep Training

Has your toddler made a new habit of waking up early? Is he or she coming in your room in the middle of the night? Is your Toddler on a schedule? A daytime schedule can be crucial if your toddler chooses to do as they please.

5 quick tips to help your toddler sleep through the night:

  • Discuss the rules throughout the day and before bed.
  • Make the room dark. 
  • Get knob covers and or latches for the door to prevent your toddler from roaming the house.
  • If they get out of their bed, put them back in bed and remind them of the rules.
  • Give your toddler a small reward in morning if they succeed. Discuss the reward before they go to bed.

It can be hard when you are exhausted and the easy out is to allow them to come into your bedroom. A couple days of a parent being firm can make a huge difference for the success of your child in a few days. Stick with it! 

5 tips helped but not a 100% there yet? Contact us to schedule a sleep training session with your family. Get a great nights sleep starting tonight.

We sleep train worldwide.







Traveling with an infant or child


The hardest part about traveling with an infant or child is the fear of others being upset they may have to listen to a screaming kid the whole flight. Not knowing if your babies ears hurt. How do we ease our minds when traveling with a kid? We take a few important steps.
Surprisingly some kids do shockingly well. It can be exciting for a child. Its new, its fun, its distracting, and its a lot of attention from strangers.

Helpful steps:

Board first.

Airlines allow families to board first. Get on the flight early and get snacks, milk, books, coloring books out to have ready when your child needs some distractions.

Time the flight around nap time.

Be sure to do all the same cues you use for nap time at home. Blanket, sound machine (headphones), warm milk, read a book. Whatever your routine is at home, try to mimic it on the plane.

Wear your baby on the plane.

If your infant is small enough to wear on the plane, it is advised to do so. If your child is older they have rolling, traveling car seats you can push or pull the child in. Strollers can be taken to the end of the gate as well.

Give nearby passengers goodie bags.

Pinterest has cute ideas on giving little goodie bags with ear plugs, candy and a little note apologizing if the kids are loud. If your kid(s) are old enough have them pass them out to a few people around them. This reminds the passengers how cute your kids are and that they are in fact children.

Carseats are considered “damaged”

after one use of travel. This is only if you check the car seat. You may want to look into renting a carseat if you are renting a vehicle. Lugging around a carseat can be a lot of work. If you can rent or use a family members, do so.

Toys, books, movies and food.

Make sure you have plenty of toys, movies, books and food for your little one. Distraction is key. Don’t forget their favorite blanket. Headphones can be helpful with noises. Make sure baby drinks while airplane is taking off and landing. This will help his hers pop.

Do you have some helpful travel tips we missed? Let us know, or comment below.

Night Owl Nanny Care

What is a Night Nanny ?

Night Nanny and Night Nurses

Night Nannies/Nurses are trained, experienced and caring nannies that help you and your spouse sleep better at night. The number one cause of postpartum depression is from a lack of sleep. Our qualified nannies come to your home anywhere from 7pm-11pm, feed the newborn(s) the night feed(s) (if breastfeeding, the nanny brings baby to you), burps, change diaper(s) and gets baby back to sleep. Night Nannies/Nurses also assist with anything baby related. Changing diaper pail bag, tidying nursery, baby laundry, washing/sterilizing baby bottles and or breast pump equipment.

Most Night Nurses/ Nannies have a history either in the medical field or as a postpartum doula. If your newborn needs to be on oxygen, you have multiples or preemie(s) our night nannies/nurses are trained and experienced to assist your little one(s) through the night. As your infant grows, we start the sleep training process, anywhere from 10-12 pounds(depending on ounces fed per day and baby’s gestational age) . We will train your baby(ies) to sleep through the night when they are ready so you can continue to have a peaceful night of sleep.

A Night Nanny is the perfect gift for a mother. We provide Night Nanny Gift Certificates for baby showers in Denver and Boulder metro area. Sleep Training gift certificates are available for all US residents.

Let us help you and your family have a better night of sleep.

Night Owl Nanny Care Team

Germs and kids

How to prevent the bad germs getting into your child’s mouth.

Now a days our kids know how to use our phones, tablets, and computers better than we do. It is no surprise to see a child at a restaurant or play area with their hands attached to a phone, tablet or gameboy. That is how they are being educated and playing in todays society.
We also know kids don’t wash their dirty little hands like they should. Have you ever asked a toddler if they washed their hands after going potty? The answer is usually “yes” even though you know very well that little stinker did not wash their hands.
Dawipez has been created to help keep our kids safe from germs and bacteria that are created very quickly on our electronic devices. Easy to use and at your finger tips. Parents often keep them in the diaper bag or car for easy access and reminding. Don’t let your childs every day use make them sick. A healthier child, a healthier you, a healthier life.


Sleep Training Toddlers and Infants Worldwide

Sleep Train from the comfort of  your own home

Whether its an infant or a toddler, we have the tools to help you sleep train your own child. We assess the infants or toddlers room (via FaceTime or Skype), their sleep routine, the daily routine, and come up with a customized plan to help your baby(s) or toddler(s) become successful at sleeping.

We will educate you on the things that need to change, and why. Our sleep training experts are there for you 30 days unlimited text, talk or email. Sleep training a toddler and an infant can be hard. We have had numerous parents read many sleep training books with no success.

Our experts are by your side, guiding, reminding, and assisting through the tricky parts you don’t read about. You can call or text any time of the night and we are there for you to help when you are exhausted and about to give up. Sleep training doesn’t have to be hard. We are here to get you and your family sleeping through the night, fast.
Don’t lose another night of sleep over an easy training that can be fixed in a few days. Let us help you train your babies to have a full night of rest so you all can have a better morning.

Night Owl Nanny Care Team

We are more than just a nanny agency

It saddens and disrupts our day when we see an abused child, or a child struggling to learn or function with sensory issues, or a child that committed suicide because they were bullied. Our passion to keep these innocent lives happy and fulfilled has just begun. 

Yes, we strive and excel in providing excellent, educated and caring nannies for children with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, sensory issues, behavioral and mental issues.  Providing exclusive care for newborns, easing parents into their new life with a newborn(s) and being that right hand you need when your life completely changes.  Our overnight nannies for children help you get away for business, work the night shift, or get away with your significant other. Helping ease parents minds and racing hearts when they aren’t home with their child or newborn. We instill confidence and comfort when you walk out the door.

But we are much more than just a nanny service. We are on a mission to help unwanted babies and children survive and have a chance at life. Not in and out of homes, but adoptions and a center for parents to go when they are feeling helpless and unable to care for their child. We want to be that service for parents to go to for help, guidance and a way out if they are thinking of harming of their child. We will provide fundraisers, volunteer workshops, education to parents, and a resource to all parents for any questions we can help answer. From helping you pick the best formula to how to discipline a toddler. We are and will be more than your average nanny agency. We are your friend, your confidant, your guidance, your family!

When to Sleep Train Your Baby

Sleep Training Your BabyWhen to Start

As a new parent, you’ve had an exhausting couple of months – up at all hours of the night, feeding and caring for your newborn. It’s been tough yet wonderful, but it’s time for your baby to start sleeping through the night, so you can, too.  

At about 3 to 5 months or at 10 to 12 pounds, your baby will be ready for sleep training – gradually teaching him or her to sleep longer periods of time through the night. 

Sleep training can be tricky, especially when you, yourself are exhausted.

This is where Night Owl Nanny Care steps in – guiding you and helping you train your baby to make sleeping through the night an established routine.

We understand that sleep training your baby is no easy task, especially for new parents. Which is why we offer top of the line service to sleep train and care for your baby while you sleep soundly. This leaves you well rested the next day, and ready to care for your little one and spend quality time with each other. 

Are you located outside of Colorado? Not a problem. We can consult with you via Facetime or video chat, for an expert assessment of the nursery and to go over sleep training methods with you, so you can have the confidence to do it on your own. 

You can then contact us at any time during a 30 day period to discuss how the nights are going, what needs to be changed, or to ask any questions you may have during the sleep training. You will always have the help you need, when you need it. 

No matter where you are located, we are dedicated to help you and your baby to better sleep, and an improved quality of life.